Which is the best format of using keywords in SEO?



I am the Manager of a tile warehouse Malaga company which deals with all kinds of tiles and tilers. I have my website which ranked very good in Google but from past few months, I am really confused regarding the SEO of my website.

As you know that we are using two forms of keywords, one is short tail keywords and others are long-tail keywords.

I always prefer short tail keywords and get the best to satisfy the results of my website but from last year I am checking various articles regarding the use of keywords and I saw that everyone recommended that long-tail keywords are the best and have the best possible future.

Now I am really confused and worried about my web site’s rank on google. I am worried because I never used any long-tail keywords which are more than 4 words so my question is that It is true that long-tail keywords have more value than the short tail and another one is that what are the disadvantages or any effects in future if my website has only short-tail keywords.

I hope that you understand my query and will reply to me as soon as possible. If you have any queries related to my keywords than visit my website or otherwise leave a reply to this query so I am able to solve my query as soon as possible.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to write my query and all the efforts which you will make to answer this long query.

i use ، and | its work good for me
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Hello, I usuly use google trends or google adwords to select the best keywords, also in the content and articles nwadays the job created as “copywriter”. they do advertising in the content in the way you don’t feel it and in reverse interested you to read that article. so amazing.
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you can use uber suggest & google ads keyword planner

In local seo long tail keyword mostly used and get ranked on google and you can use google keyword planner for that like long tail keyword digital marketing agency in india, artificial best turf in delhi, preschool in faridabad