Why My Website Not Shown In Google search results


I have Already Index my website but when I search my website not shown any results this is my website “http://rechargebuzz.in


if you search “site:rechargebuzz.in” you will see you site got indexed.


I know my website already index but when I Serch my website With My Keyword in Google Serch not shown any reasult


Free Recharge Tricks My Keywords If Search This Keyword In Google Not Shown My Website But If You Search rechargebuzz.in then show my website


You have to do Off page SEO for your website and have to target the main keywords on which you want to rank your website. Before Off Page you have do On Page SEO of your website.


Unless you do On Page SEO for your website, OFF page SEO will not be beneficial to you. Check your basic seo steps and then check in google.


If your website is not shown in search results even after typing http :// and so so, that means your web has not been indexed nor submitted properly. You should submit your website to index it properly.


Keywords are very useful in ranking a website. Please make keywords for my website Blue Venus Plastic Surgery