Another one? Haha didn’t see that comin’ did ya! If you haven’t already; be sure to read one of my favorite posts on Abandoned Wordpress Accounts before continuing to read this post. Got it? Good! :)

So by now you’ve had about 6 months to hopefully grab at least a couple hundred already indexed and quality built Wordpress accounts. Good! You’ve also probably added links to your sites that could use a good IBL and page rank boost. Great! Your on your way except now we just need to convert these medium quality links into great links. Awesome! Lets get to it.

First things first, we need to recover some abandoned content and lost links. Lookup your abandoned blogs on and see if you can scrounge up some old posts. For some more recent ones you can do a linkdomain: on Yahoo or something. Then pull the cached copy of the individual posts. Repost them on your blogs and try to match the Post Slugs (the url to the post itself ie. This will ensure that all the old links that exists to the blog and individual posts will still be giving you credit and traffic instead of going to an ugly 404. Also be sure to put up a post about how the blog got abandoned but out of kindness you reposted the old posts for the users’ sake. How kind of you! This will also give the original owner a small opporunity to complain and ask you to take down the posts(don’t be a jerk do it if asked, no matter how small the chances are they will actually ask or care). This will keep everyone happy and preserve your linking and traffic.

A URL is just a URL. However a theme and topic is great link potential. Remodel the site to fit what kind of links you’re wanting. If your wanting tech news type links change up the keywords to match a technews type content. This’ll help transform your medium quality links to a semi-relevant stature.

Now lets build some more relevant content as well as relevant IBL links to the blogs. This is where it gets interesting. Remember when I said to make a common Wordpress account and attach all your new blogs to the same account? If you didn’t take that advice you’re going to wish you did, because now we’re going to talk about how to get huge amounts of links and content to your blogs. Don’t worry it’ll be easy, it’ll be whitehat, and like the first part of the technique it also can be done completely by hand.

1) Go to (Shoutwire also works) and signup with an account.

2) Go to your account settings and edit your blog settings. Put in your main login and password for your main Wordpress account. Digg will be kind enough to generate a nice list of all your blogs that are attached to that account next time you login. So in the future you can easily switch between them quickly.

3) Select your first blog and click update.

4) Search for that blogs terms and click “Blog It” on all the results. This will do three things. First it will grab the title and the description of the original post and insert it as a new post on your blog. You now got some great content. Secondly, it will post a trackback link on the original post. A percentage of the posts you grab will draw a huge number of backlinks to the original post which ups the quality of your trackback link. It’ll also drive some traffic(some of my abandoned blogs get over 200 visitors/day for this reason. Lastly this will give you a link on the Digg post itself under “Who blogged this.”

Lets do the math
You got a couple hundred blogs. Each blog has a couple hundred posts. Each post has at least 2 backlinks. Add the previous inbound links + content. You got yourself hundreds of quality blogs driving traffic and link quality to your real money sites.

Life is good