Link Fetcher is a free tool from that searches for sites using Link Manager. Then uses that list to create a set of pages with all the links on them. Once you upload all the pages to your site you can open the files and Link Fetcher will automatically submit your site to all of the sites.

Before I let you know what exactly is going on with this tool I wanted to mention how bad I feel for the guy who developed these tools. He released them for free on his site and only asked that people spread the word about them in exchange for having them for free. He got flicked sooo much shit for this. He eventually just started giving them all out without requiring people to use their referral URLS they were given. This was good because his script wasn’t working in the first place. This was also good because it shut up the wining bitches that weren’t happy enough getting something for free. As much as I want to rant about this I will stop and keep my feelings on what the world is coming to, to myself.

This program is useful for several obvious reasons.
1) You just found yourself a new link bomber if your into that stuff. I know I am to a point.

2) This piece of software becomes supremely useful for Blue Hat techniques such as Synergy Linking. <--I wish I could have made that more bold.

3) On the link bombing note. Easy 1,000 links.

What not to do with the script.
I would STRONGLY suggest you don’t link to these 50+ link pages on your main page or anywhere else on your site for that matter. The reasons are obvious, plus there really isn’t any reason to. Link Manager scripts don’t verify for placement in the search engines anyways. I would also recommend you don’t anticipate these links being of high quality or expect to see an extra thousand links to your site in the engines tomarrow.

Problems found
I wasn’t alone when I couldn’t get the program to work. It was a pain in the ass but I eventually figured out that it was my routers firewall that was blocking it(i tried it on three different routers on two different Internet connections). So I connected directly into my connection and it for some reason worked just fine. Many other people on the forums also had problems that were similar. I’m not sure if they were in the same boat or it was another bug.
For those of you who have already gone to his site to check it out, don’t be scared off by the fact that he asks for your email address in order to download the program. I downloaded it about a month ago and he is yet to send me a single piece of spam mail. I will also vouch that the software does not contain any adware or spyware. also has several other free pieces of software. These I will be brutally honest about. They suck. I went through all of them pretty thoroughly. There is nothing of interest. One even claimed it will tell me how many true backlinks I have and then it said it couldn’t finish because I had over 500. Of course my sites have over 500!
Thanks Shawn for the great programs. I appreciate all the effort you put into them.