Since Synergy Links are aren’t a topic that I have ever seen discussed I will attempt to define and coin the term.
Synergy Links-Channeling links so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. Channeling reciprocal links through third party pages in order to improve the quality/SEO impact of the links.

The idea is simple. Take shitty reciprocal links and use them to build credit to a page outside of your site which provides a quality link to yours. In other words, since search engines don’t like reciprocal links, so use them to gain quality links.

Characteristics of A Quality Link

    Link written into content
    Your keywords in anchor text
    Content similar to your site’s content
    Low number of links on single page

The Process
Create subdomains on other domains (preferably on separate class-c’s as well). Post a single page or very limited number of pages with articles directly related to the targets keywords. Place your links inside the articles in areas where they would be most beneficial. Then find automated link scripts or link directories to build links to that site. Place the links on a subpage of that site. Build massive links to that page.
Repeat and rinse.

What will this do?
This will in a sense transform low quality reciprocal links, which the search engines don’t like and give very much credit to, into higher quality links which search engines love.

How is this different than a third party doorway page?
Third party doorway pages are considered in themselves, a low quality link. They typically contain hundreds to thousands of pages and usually don’t have full useful articles for the surfer. In the jist, doorway pages are designed to pull search engine traffic and redirect it to your site. Synergy Links are designed to pull low quality links and turn them into higher quality links.

If you still don’t understand the concept ask yourself this question. Would you rather have 100 reciprocal links or 1 link from a site related to yours? If you chose the 100 reciprocals then its time you drop the business and seek ways to whore out your wife for money. The answer was B incase anyone gets this question on who wants to be a millionaire.

Once you truly understand the difference as well as the process you can really excel in a HUGE way on your linking campaigns. Besides this method is a lot better than slamming your own site with thousands of links.