SEO BlackHat released a private blackhat forum this month. This will supposedly be a forum where the top black hatters post up their deepest darkest SEO secrets for the members, and where people can discuss new techniques openly. Sounds like a decent idea. Infact I think I had one of those kind of ideas before. I’m personally debating on whether or not to join.

The Advantages
1) I may learn something new that I can implement myself
2) I may meet someone there that can help me with one of my upcoming projects
3) It may be an entertaining forum.

The Disadvantages

1)I understand there is some kind of disclosure thing. Everything on BlueHatSEO is original and of my design. If i see something in that forum, whether or not I already knew it, I couldn’t ever post it up on here; because they will just claim i stole it from the forum and shared it.
2) $100/month. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’ve grown up in a very poor family but something about paying money for words never sat right with me. $100/month? I’m not quite sure where I stand with that. I’ve still to this day never bought an e-book in my life. I’m not sure if this would classify under the same principle.

The Biggest Disadvantage of All!
3) My own Awstats at the moment are creating the best case of why I should not join the SEO BlackHat Private Forums

- 140 140

How much of my own content would I actually be paying for? What kind of blackhat forum is this? Are they just reposting Blue Hat Techniques and then being like, “Oh wow guys this forum is so damn useful! Check out all this neat stuff Eli wrote!”

I think I’m just going to save my hundred bucks and instead give SEOBlackHat a big fucking flaming finger instead.