Curriculum Vitae


So right now a site that is a good example of a small “start up” would be this project called CV which is basically a Curriculum Vitae maker. It offers a free CV. This isn’t really a SEO site given the fact that it doesn’t have any auto blog, it’s a single page application that works as a utility.


This site uses the international hreflang as good on site SEO, although it does take a bit to translate it into multiple languages, doesn’t seem to hurt.


Ok, so I found it, here halfway down this page, titled"Quick Answers #1 - Easy Link Building" in the Eli talk’s about making things linkable, in this example he talks about his image of a nuclear bomb going off but instead of the musroom it was a middle finer and that image at the time going viral, gathering him a bunch of links.

Same aspect applies in this, in this case the site offers a free cv that basically knows it if enough are created it will get linked to, when you make a site make things that are easily linkable and that help the user, or are just cool, ie a middle finger nuclear bomb


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