Off-site SEO still needed?


Yes, off site SEO is still necessary. Quality backlinks are still the number 1 factor for ranking. Google is simply getting more specific about what is a “quality” link and what isn’t.


Dear user, Want to share my opinion that very honest about that due to off page activities which is still matter not for only in term of back links but also in term of spreading information all over net. So my point of view is that Off page activities still matter.

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Yes, this is very important.


Off page seo is a good techniques for keyword rank in google.


Off page SEO is actually such a strong way to gain traction in Google. It’s underutilized no doubt. Thanks for the post!

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yes. off-site SEO is very important. We everyday make backlinks for our sites: bazmineh & bitdefendercenter and our rank in Alexa is getting better. Try to find Dofollow sites with 0 or 1 spam score. Google only follows dofollow links


Off site SEO is still very important. At my digital agency we still count for backlinks and in my opinion along with content it is still king!


The debate on SEO off-page is not a new idea. Most of online marketers know that is a basic point to rank positions in Google Search engine an even the others like Bing. Backlinking is still a major priority to be visible on search engines. Take a look at new sites like:
Well it’s niche websites that redirects to ads. Even this type of sites need Off-site SEO to rank “Hackear Facebook


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I am web developer and doing many project in Delhi , India regarding google promotion and SEO services.
it is very important that off line back link creating for making website on google Top listing.
Yes it is needed