I’ll be blunt about it. Bitch bitch bitch is what I’ve been getting a lot of recently with the blackhat related posts. Ethics this and morals that. I don’t know who designated me as a shoulder to cry on in regards to personal hang ups but it really is getting very boring for me. This is an ideas and creativity site, not a debate site. So I’m just going to save the drama for yo mamma and continue focusing on the real issue, Internet Marketing. Whether that is black hat or white hat I really just don’t care. With this new leaf unturned lets talk about white hat ideas and methods that result in huge backlinks to your sites, and THANKFULLY will have nothing to do with link bait.

Huge Link Venues

CMS- Content management systems are vital to webmasters and where there are webmasters there are backlinks. To state the obvious, Wordpress.org & wordpress.com have huge amounts of backlinks for this very reason. Your CMS doesn’t necessarily have to be good it just has to be easy and popular. Sometimes simplicity will get you further than being rich in features. Your ultimate goal with creating and distributing a custom CMS you made should be getting it bundled where the webmasters will find it. Certain CMS didn’t become hugely popular until they convinced places like Cpanel to include them into their Fantastico section. If you can score this kind of publicity your in!

User Contributed Scripts- I’m not going to even talk about the power of forum type scripts because one look at vbulletin and others inbound links speak for themselves. You don’t have to aim that high, try something smaller like a Youtube replica script. How about a Digg replica? They are actually fairly easy to get custom made for you. Any freelancer website should find you a good amount of scripters that will make you one for less than $2k.

Promotion Tools- PhpLinkManager is a great example of this. A simple script that ppl put on thier site to manage their link exchanges. I could code something like this in less than an hour and continually get massive backlinks for years to come. How about something on your site? You don’t even have to share it you just have to give them a place to access it.

Templates- If you’re thinking the above is too hard and since your not a coder you feel a little left out, never forget the power of a solid template. Create a good contest winning Wordpress theme and your guaranteed thousands of high quality backlinks. I know one marketer that does nothing but create templates and submits them to free template sites. Part of the template download agreement is to leave the footer links intact. He has more backlinks than anyone I know. If your wanting some E-Com backlinks consider making a template for popular shopping scripts like Oscommerce or Cubecart. The promotion is easy. You just submit them to the site and watch as people use them.

Become A Manufacturer- You honestly didn’t think I was going to go this whole post without a single crazy crackpot idea did you? How about becoming a manufacturer for a crazy wacko product that is so exclusive not even you sell it. I saw a website awhile ago about a do it yourself lasic eye surgery kit. Was it a big joke or three steps above and beyond link bait? It doesn’t matter. It had damn good links and so did the three spammy pharmaceutical sites it linked to.

Become A Link Resource- I’m not going to specify placing a link directory on your site. This focus is on allowing webmasters to insert their own content in hopes of scoring some backlinks or sales themselves. How about an example? You create a mini shopping directory on your informational site. You list a ton of products and with each product you include a section on “What sites sell this product.” Link exchange factor aside you still score major links from every site and programs that show people how to promote their ecom sites and products. I’ve once done this by creating a software directory. I took a sneaky method. I told people that in order to submit their software they had to place a link back to another (more profitable) site of mine.

Content Solution- Become a solution to that pesky content problem. Examples of this range anywhere from Articledashboard to Youtube. Articledashboard created a complete site script that allows you to have your own articles directory. Needless to say it became very popular and now the site has massive links. Youtube, just as an example, allows webmasters to place individual videos on their site using simple “link code.” They even allow options for myspace and forums for non webmasters. Youtube is so huge it makes a bad example of this technique. Instead take a look at sites like Streetfire.com. Sites like this were built to huge proportions solely on this type of promotion.

Set an Example- I can’t help but be reminded of this old particular site. The specific example doesn’t matter, its what he did that counts. This guy took an extreme of a certain product genre and built it. He took pictures of the finished product and posted it up on his main site. From this point on every single site in his niche is now almost forced to link to his site simply because he had pictures of what every buyer in the niche dreams of.

Here comes my boring disclaimer that says this is just a few ideas and examples and coincidently encourages comments and pursues a creative brainstorming session. This sentence also usually includes a tip for the blackhatters but what the fucks the point? The next three posts or so are dedicated to them. ;)
I have to appologize in advanced. This busy ass Christmas season is slowly turning me into a grinch so I’m going to spare you the expected bullshit this time and this time only.

I’ll Get You Next Time Gadget!