Here is a concept for those of you who haven’t tried it. Promoting affiliate programs through RSS feeds. The idea is simple and it actually works fairly well. Best of all it can be automated, fast, and typically doesn’t take a ton of experience or time to get started.

What you will need
1) A publisher account on a large affiliate network. Commission Junction works.
2) A content generator that produces RSS feeds. You can custom make one or find one. One I would recommend would be Content Solution. It creates custom content that looks great, and really fits your targeted words. It also does a great job with it’s theasaurus. So it can hit all sorts of rss sites.
3) Accounts on a bunch of ping services and news services. Most don’t require accounts, but a lot of news places do. Don’t forget to also sign up with Yahoo news and Google blogs. Content scrapers and RSS grabbers hit those two up the most.

The easy part
Signup with a bunch of affiliate programs and create custom projects in your content generator. Be sure to put in your affiliate links and describe their products. Then just create a cronjob to post to these hundreds of ping services, blog aggregators and such. Plenty of people will automatically steal the keyword rich content and put it into their sites. Allow them to promote their sites with your content. Anytime someone accidently ends up at their site through a search and finds your affiliate links. You have a chance to make some money. The more projects you produce and the more often you set your cronjob the further your affiliate links will spread.

From then it’s just a matter of a little patience. However make sure to note, that plenty of people that steal RSS feeds to put into their scraper and adsense sites will strip the html out of the post. So be sure to leave physical addresses in the text itself. Also, the closer you can get your text to make sense the better. It doesn’t have to be perfect and for God’s sake don’t hand write it. Often people will click on the link hoping to find more usable information anyways.

If you are really worried about your affiliate link being stripped out, you can always set the affiliate link as the source of the feed. That will create a higher percentage of physical links you get.