Thought I might share a neat Awstats hack of mine that I use to read my referer data better. This simple hack/addon is nothing more than a bit of regex. It takes your search traffic data and puts it into separate Yahoo, MSN, and Google tables. It also grabs your traffic from and puts them into a nice table organized by referring page.

ScreenShot (Click To Enlarge)


All you got to do is append the code below into your sites’ conf file. Your conf file on a standard Cpanel setup is usually located in the /tmp/awstats/awstats.mydomain.conf folder below your root in the ftp. Place the code at the bottom, save, and reupload. Be sure to make a backup of your previous conf file even though this should be pretty foolproof.

If you got any requests for additions to this hack drop a comment and let me know.