Alrighty so we’re going to go a bit old school today with this technique. Link laundering is an old technique that the pros have been using aggressively in tight circles since around 2001. So it’s nothing new, but it works damn well. A true Internet marketing professional doesn’t just focus on building their money making sites, they expend a lot of energy on building their link gathering power, and thats exactly what this technique does. If used properly this technique will allow you to automatically gather unlimited links over time to any present and future projects you produce. This is where the true beauty lies. It allows you to cut your mass link gathering time for each project dramatically so you have more time for developing other projects.

What we’re going to do is create a network of third party link laundering sites that will give other developers an incentive to link to our primary money making sites instead of back to our link laundering sites. We’re going to use these sites to our advantage by automating the process of distributing their inbound link gathering abilities to push links to our primary site networks. Don’t worry it’s easier than it sounds. :)

What Is A Link Laundering Site?
Simply, A Link Laundering site is a niche site that requires a link back from other webmasters except that the link back it requires is for another site of yours instead of the site itself.

First we’re going to want to grab a solid platform for our link laundering sites. There are literally unlimited ideas on how to accomplish this, all you have to do is come up with some ideas on how to get webmasters to link back to your site. The reality of this is the fact that any site with a link exchange script will work, but since our focus is on drawing large link volume we’ll have to get a bit creative. This requires some brainstorming but to get you started I’ll list an example and we can get creative from there. One idea would be to create your own software download directory. Software download directories are great. They require very little promotion before they spread to all the software submitters and they tend to get a lot of high pagerank software sites that want to submit their software to your directory for the backlink and promotion. With minimal advertising and perhaps a link in DMOZ you should start getting at least a couple dozen submissions a day to your software directory. First you’ll have to build one though. You can get a free script for this from the Association of Shareware Professionals. They are the ones who regulate shareware directories and pad file standards(pad files are the files that describe your software). They offer a free one called Pad Kit. On a side note you’ll notice that they discontinued the distribution of Pad Kit so its nearly impossible to find a recent copy. So I’m going to share mine since it is probably the only working copy available to download until they come out with a new version. God knows when that will be. :(

Download Pad Kit v2.00.09

Next you’ll need to do a bit of modifying to the submit.php(the page they go to to submit their software info). Make it require a link back in order for the submission to go through. Make sure to inform the submitter that they will need to place the link on their site before the “pad file” submission will go through and give them an input to put in the url to where your link back is located. Be sure to give them an easy textarea with the html already for them to copy and paste into their site. This should be simple enough. This is also where it gets interesting and we turn this simple software directory into a link laundering site. Create a mysql or flatfile(textfile) database on another domain. Inside that database put in the urls, anchor text, and link count(start with default value of 0) of your real money sites. Have the submit.php pull the database before they go to submit. Have it grab the link with the lowest link count and put that as the link info. In other words in order to submit their software to your site they will first need to link to You’re finally starting to see where this is going aren’t you? *evil grin*

So after a couple months or so with a tad bit of advertising your software directory will start getting a ton of daily submissions. Some will be manual and some will be through automated or semiautomated software. For instance Robosoft, Robosoft is a semiautomated way. Its all done manually but it fills the forms for you. They usually specify in advanced where they will be placing any links from the directories that require them. Then they place the links as they go down the list. Others automatically generate the link pages for you based on the linkback criteria of the individual software sites in their database. Then they just upload the link page to their sites and boom your done. The automated ones kind of suck because often times the page they upload just sits on their sites with no internal linking and won’t ever make it into the search engines. In which case record all the linkpages that get submitted to you. Then submit those pages to search engines for them. Boom your links are in! hehe

There ya go. You got yourself a link laundering site that sits there and distributes anywhere from a couple dozen to a couple hundred links a day to your real money making sites automatically. Don’t forget to put ads on your link laundering sites so it can at least pay for its own hosting while it boosts your other sites.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Complicated

The software directory example is a tad complicated and requires a bit of experience. It’s great because it easily generates a good solid volume of links, but its really more of an example of a type of link laundering site a pro might create. I suggest starting smaller and simpler. As stated above any site with a link exchange section will work. You could easily generate a few niche sites with some Wiki-worthy articles and just put in a link exchange script. Then just modify the link exchange script so the backlink it requires from the user is for your money sites listed in the database instead of the niche site itself. A great example of how to create these type of sites is in my How To Create Your Own Autoresponder Network post. Feel free to let the creativity juice flow with this one. Just think volume volume volume. The more links you can automatically generate daily to your money sites through your link laundering site network the better. It’ll take some serious time but trust me, IT PAYS BIG TIME IN THE END.

If you really start dedicating yourself to building your linking power by developing link laundering sites you’ll start seeing some serious results in the promotion of your money making sites. It also makes your life a lot easier when promoting future projects. You can just create a new money site and put it into your central database. From there it’ll automatically start getting inbound links for as long as you keep it in there. Also, once you approach the 10,000 links or so a day mark you can start bartering with your buddies. “Alright I’ll give your network 50 links/day if you’ll give me 50 links/day with your link laundering network.” This has the added benefit of being able to nitpick your niches. So if your buddy has a bunch of Niche-A related link laundering sites and you have a bunch of Niche-B related laundering sites you can trade generated links for your Niche-A related projects. Like I said, this technique is nothing new, people have been creating link laundering networks for years. Might as well get started having them work for you :)