People are finally starting to catch on to this technique. However I’m finding a lack of tact in how to accomplish it successfully. The objective is simple. How do we get a bunch of other people to type in Captchas for us willingly? First we’ll dive into why this is useful. Lets say you’re spamming Myspace or Yahoo accounts for instance. You could either attempt to defeat it through various OCR techniques or hire people from India to type them in for you. Captcha decoding is very tough to master and uses loads of server usage. Reliable Indians are tough to find and it poses a margin that you must beat. So now you’re starting to consider your options. There are still some out there but the best one I can recommend would be to find a way to get others to do it for you by giving them an incentive.

What Will You Need
First you will need to create the script that will actually grab the Captcha and output it so you can display it to the user without them knowing what the real reason is of they are typing it in. Next you will need to actually require the user to type it in in order to preform an action on your site. Next your script will need to grab what they type in and check to see if it was correct. Lets say your spamming Myspace. So you display the Captcha on another site of yours and when the user types it in, a second script actually makes the account using what they said the Captcha was. Make sense?

The Incentive
I’ve seen a few ideas mole around about how to do this. Some suggest adding the Captcha to your blog comments. It doesn’t really do anything and if they don’t type it in, it will still allow the comment. However anyone who does type it in. The script will create the account and boom your in like flint. However each of these ideas I’ve heard have one major flaw; lack of traffic. Even if your blog or other site gets 20 comments/day that still isn’t very many captcha types and hardly worth the trouble. I’ve also heard some ideas about offering free porn but the problem is still the same wouldn’t you agree? So you’ll need a site that will grab major traffic, lots of pageviews, and most of all the users will be obligated to type the traffic.

Here’s My Proposal
Try creating a webproxy. A web proxy is designed to bypass proxy restrictions through a web interface. For example, in a university, the IT department blocks a lot of harmless websites simply because of their popularity. So people use webproxies to access those websites. Creating a webproxy is great because they draw MAJOR traffic and TONS of pageviews very quickly. They don’t require much promotion to become very popular. They are also very easy to setup. First you’ll need to find a good webproxy script. I’d recommend CGIProxy or PHP Proxy. Use whatever is most comfortable for you to setup and edit. Next you need to do a tad bit of promotion on it. The best way is to sign it up on a few proxy top sites lists or free proxy directories. You’ll find out quickly that you won’t need much promotion to get them some serious daily traffic. I recently setup a webproxy (Unblock Myspace) and it was getting 400 unique visitors/day and 20,000 pageviews/day within days of opening with very little promotion. Currently its getting about 700 unique visitors/day and approx 72,000 pageviews/day. To put that in the math sense; if I display a Captcha for the visitor to type in every 25 random pageviews in order for them to continue to the page they wanted to go to. That comes out to about 2880 Captchas/day. In case you were paying attention thats A LOT of Myspace accounts(money). :)

So whats the downside? Well first web proxies are a big strain on servers. A lot of hosting providers don’t allow them for that reason. An easy way to solve this is to get your own virtual private server/dedicated server, or get a buddy to donate a dedicated box. Another would be to have multiple hosting providers and have the script disperse the traffic amongst them evenly to lighten the load. Where theres a will(money) theres a way.