I wanted to make a quick follow up on the $100/day post in regards to monetizing the Google search. If you used the same screensaver program I use than this will be easy. If not then yo may need to make some modifications. Download any simple installer creation program. I’ve been using Setup Specialist for quite a few years now just because its super simple and quick. Create an installer for your screensaver. Copy over the self installing exe for the screensaver and then have it automatically execute immediately after the install finishes. There are two ways i know to pull some serious Google searches through your new install.

Desktop Search
This is the bit more technical way and since I have never actually done it I can’t go too specific on it. This will put a little google search box on their taskbar very similar to the Google Desktop Search. Go to Creating Custom Explorer Bars, Tool Bands, and Desk Bands and create the toolband. Then in the registry add the toolband to the taskbar. Like I said i’ve never done it but it doesn’t seem too hard to figure out. Use the Google search box that is easily created in your Adsense account

Changing Their Homepage
Create a small website that is something like myhomepage.com or greatstartpage.com, it doesn’t really matter what the url is. Make a snazzy but simple template and include the google search box on the page. Use the google search box that is easily created in your adsense account. Then in your installer program change the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\ change the “Start Page” to your new start page website address.

What will this do?
Everytime they search google you get proceeds from the adsense ads. As I’ll end up talking about in the upcoming Blue Hat Technique many internet users(especially the newbie ones) will never change their homepage. If it changes on them they will leave it. So you get small amounts of money over a very long period of time over massive amounts of users.

I was going to avoid this topic due to the new Blue Hat Technique coming out, but since this is extra info that won’t be covered in the post I figured I might as well get it out of the way.