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Sheesh, he posted two brilliant articles on this subject.
When adding links to the articles listed on “what links here”, as eli at bluehatseo recommended, if you add your link to the first listed articles they will probably be deleted, because the “what links here” widget lists the most popular or most edited articles first or some sort of popularity metric. To spell it out for you guys, add your link to the bottom-most non-talk-page articles first. Even if that article isn’t closely-related to your niche, it is usually tangientially-related. Then go up the list adding another link on another day.Also, I’ve found my precise phrase (eg: “quoted phrase”) on wikipedia in a completely unrelated article, and changed that phrase in the article into a link to my site, and no one has noticed for a month. Remember, find articles with the fewest edits or no recent edits, because you want articles where no one is anymore personally attached to their articles/edits!
for example:
blue river valley corporation
blue [ river valley] corporationthe howto:
part four is forthcoming.Here is the original