With my last post about Link Laundering Sites we got to go a bit old school. It was a lot of fun, but this time I feel like stepping it up a notch and going a bit more new wave. This time focusing on the money sites, which you can probably guess is my favorite type of site. :)

The trick to a good money site is its ability to convert, draw traffic, and get indexed. Hmmm… I could of swore I just missed one….Oh yeah! and be automated. This is where Madlib Sites come to the rescue.

What Are Madlib Sites?
Madlib Sites are basically the perfect combination of selling a product or offer through through standard SEO using a prewritten madlib and a big frickin’ database. You are probably already familiar with what a madlib is. Its a game kids play where you get asked to name a series of objects off the top of your head. For instance, say a girls name(okay Sally), now say a noun(okay Rock). Then you get a story with a bunch of blanks like *girlsname* jumped over a large *noun*. Then you insert your choices into the blanks where appropriate. So you end up with something like, “Sally jumped over a large rock.” In the SEO world this is typically known as a content rewriter. However rewriting is not what we’re going to be using this technique for. We’re going to use it to sell the users on a targeted product or offer. When done in mass this equates to some serious niche coverage and I’ll explain how.

Lets Get Started
1) First we’ll need to pick a broad niche. Lets go with dating. Dating is a nice CPA type offer that tends to convert well if you can throw it in the face of the right type of lonely people. I’d say that fits just about 90% of the people using Google at this moment so lets go for them.

2) Next we’re going to pick some offers. There’s a million and a half blogs talking about how to pick CPA offers so I’m going skip all that rubbish and just go for a good ol’ Singlesnet affiliate offer and possibly an old FriendFinder banner or two.

Haha. You probably had no idea Oregon was farming such damn fine honeys did ya? :)

3) Now we just need to get our hands on a good database. You can find plenty of large databases for sale at public forums like Sitepoint. For this example I’m going to grab a good regional database. A regional database usually contains a bunch of regional information such as city, zip, county, population, local restaurants, gas stations, schools, and other census and GPS information.

4) Next we’ll throw up a site with the general niche as the primary keyword. The main page will give a nice description of the site and how to find local dating. It will then give a directory of all the states. Inside each states subpage will be links to even more subpages of the cities and counties. This is best done through ModRewrite and pulling from the database in an ORDER BY. For instance if the database is organized like:
State County City
Then we would have the subpages ORDER BY STATE, then each county subpage would be organized WHERE STATE = $state and so on and so forth for the individual cities. For those of you who don’t live in the United States that basically means we now have one big ass site with thousands of landing pages for each individual city and county.

5) Here comes the fun part, creating our madlib. Using as little of your own words as possible write an entire page about dating in *cityname*. The trick here is to really make it sell your dating offers. Also be sure to use as much of the database content as possible so the pages don’t look like duplicate content. Since I love (pun) this step so much I’m going to write a short example to get started.

-begin madlib page-
You look lonely. There now little fella don’t be lonely there are plenty of singles in *cityname*. I realize its tough to meet people in the *countyname* area, but luckily I found *datingsitelink*. I met an awesome *guysname* that worked at *gasstation*. He impregnated me and we moved to Europe where he’s in mergers and aquisitions for a large company. Since then I have recommended all my friends join a good dating site like *datingsitelink*. Here’s a few of my girlfriends who are still living in *city* that joined *datingsitelink*. All three were my best friends growing up and going to *localhighschool*.

The best advice I can give for scoring big points white dating in *cityname* is to pick a nice romantic restaurant. I’d recommend you check out *restaurant1* or possibly *restaurant2*.
-End madlib page-

That was fun wasn’t it! Hehe. Just remember that there is a perfect balance you must find. So feel free to play around with your madlibs before going live with it. Use as much of the database as possible in order to escape duplicate content penalties, yet at the same time using enough of your own words to really sell the product thoroughly. Also don’t forget to plaster the margins with banners and advertisements for the offers but not enough to distract them heavily from the text because its the text that’s going to drive the conversion through.

6) Next we’ll need to write out the individual pages script for each city and county using the madlib. For you noncoders, don’t worry about hiring a coder to do this, its so incredibly simple. Learn a tiny bit of php or perl (like some echo or print functions) and a few SELECT and sorting commands in MYSQL and you should have it up with hardly any effort.

So now you got yourself a clean 40,000+ page lean mean selling machine. Now you just got to use your Link Laundering Sites to generate some heaving deep linking to your landing pages to help them get indexed and ranking. From this point on its all about SEO volume. It’s also good to notice the huge variants in the niches, offers, and available databases that can be used using the Madlib Site technique. Although not alone, regional is a great example because regional is so expansive and yet contains VERY targeted traffic. The volume also follows suite. There are a lot of golden niches that can be found when you combine a large niche with a large targeted database. You may be shocked what what you find. Not convinced? Do a little keyword research on “online dating Louisville”.

Those of you that are still wondering how people are managing to make to make thousands a day online and consistantly through the fads I hope you are starting to come to an understanding