Whewww! Been busy lately guys! Sorry I haven’t had much time to get posts out. I’ve been working with some serious project volume lately. I got a couple posts ready but I’ve been trying to include some example code and scripts to improve the quality of them. I also got a wicked idea for a Blue Hat Tool. Can it actually top QUIT?(which has already received tons of mentions for being the only SEO tool on the market that not only gets more spiders to your site faster than any others out there, but for actually boosting rank as well). Big pimpin for a single form submit! What do you think it’ll be? I’ll give you a hint, it’ll be a traffic generator. It’ll be a bit of time but I promise I’ll get it all done and out sooner than not. While I’m rolling on the railroad of excuses I’m also going to mention that I’m finally taking some vacation time this month. So I’ll be out for about 2 net weeks. Yay! So we’ll see how much I can get your way, but expect some temporary slim pickings this month while I get my shit in gear. In the downtime please keep the awesome contributions coming! :)

In the mean time I’ll still be responding to comments and emails as often as I can. Although I got to admit that I’m addicted to reading the spam comments I’ve been getting. If you’re interested in some serious black hat shit give reading your Akismet filter carefully a try. Those pharmaceutical affiliates are downright brilliant at times. In particular I’ve been watching some of their parasite hosting techniques.

One in particular that I’ve been monitoring closely is doing something that I think is damn cool. From what I’m gathering he’s downloading a ton of CMS’ and using directory structures to make a list of identifiable footprints. Then they use Yahoo to find exploitable .EDU sites using these CMS’ for their student homepages. Than (s)he is signing up guest accounts and creating redirecting cloaked doorway pages to pharmaceutical affiliate sites. Then building linkage to those urls through blog spam. I’m like a kid in a candy store watching these guys send me their URLs to easily exploitable edu parasites. Sure I’ll take that one! Ooo! that one too! Is that a plone parasite? I’ll take six! :)

Starting now I’m going to make a list of my favorite blog spam that passes through here. Not for humor purposes but strictly learning. Than when I got a decent enough sized list I’m going to post every single one here. Gitty Up!

If you get any cool ones to your own blogs feel free to email them to me to be added to the list.