I’ve been getting a few Emails lately about my post on Proper RSSGM Use. So I thought I’d make a quick revisit to the post to help out a few people.

In the jist the emails boil down to long winded speeches about their hatred for installing Article Dashboard and how much bullshit is involved with Zend Optimizer. All I can say is, I completely agree, but don’t forget to use your thinking brains and shoot for some originality when faced with problems like this. Perhaps a Wordpress install? Or you could just get mad and fustrated and end up kicking your poor dog named Wiki out the backdoor. Oops I didn’t just say Wiki outloud did I? You didn’t just hear that.

Lay back and relax while I hypnotise you. This will only take a moment.

You didn’t hear aaaaaaaaaaaaaanything.

When I snap my fingers you will wake up