Oh wow, I can’t believe it’s my 100th post already. Be sure to give me some kudos in the comments (haha I figure I’m allowed to fish for compliments every 100 posts or so). Well I can’t think of a better way to start the triple digits than by starting the first part of a four part tutorial on getting tons of links from Wikipedia. If PR is your concern please quit paying money for PR6’s, Wikipedia is full of them and waiting for you to post your link.

Lets begin with the White hat method since it is the simplest and will create the least amount of problems for you later on. It’s a little more manual labor intensive than the rest, but fuck it, it’s easy and worth it.
1) Make a list of all your top terms. For instance if I were promoting Blue Hat SEO I’d make a list with something to the effect of: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Link Building, Website Promotion, SEO Tools, Black Hat, and White Hat.

2) Create a small article section of your site. Write 2-4 articles for each keyword and put them in the terms section. So my site might be organized like this.
Search Engine Optimization
|-Article 1
|-Article 2
|_Article 3
Link Building
|-Article 1
|-Article 2
|_Article 3

You get the idea. Then just make sure each article only contains links back to your site or other pages on your site. However you want to distribute the new found linking power.

3) Go to Wikipedia.org and do a search for each one of your terms. Try to find the PR6 and above sections that directly use your terms. There may be anywhere from 1-15 for each one of your major terms. So dig deep.

4) Click on the Edit This Page tab. Go to the portion that says
==External links==
and add your link using the following code:
* [http://www.example.com Anchor Tag] A collection of free articles.

Let the link hunt begin! This is particularly useful for Ecom sites that sell tons of different types of products. Once the articles are up it only takes a couple hours to gain a good 50 or so one way PR6 links. I’ve had one site of mine gain over 150 PR6 links and 72 PR5 links this way. It took a little bit of work, but its not spammy and your links are almost guaranteed to stick.

If the article creation is going to be a problem just be an asshole :) Look at the other related links listed. Steal some of their noncopyrighted articles and replace their link with yours. Chances are no one will even notice the change. Ouch I just caused a problem didn’t I?