I feel kinda bad about not keeping this site updated as much as I should lately, but I’ve been really busy with the newest projects. Seriously folks, I really do plan to put more time into bluehatseo I just need to get some of the stuff on my desk done first.

In the mean time, since you all have been so loyal and visiting way more often than I actually update. I’ll keep ya busy with a small wordpress hack I’ve developed.

What Is It?
It’s technically not a mod or addon, its just a small template hack. It causes every person that reads one of your posts to automatically ping that post to all the most popular ping services through Pingomatic. This actually saves you a lot of time and creates a nice little circle of promotion. The more visitors your wordpress blog gets the more it gets spread. It also is 100% safe from proxies and possibilities of getting banned from ping services, since every ping comes from the visitor not from your server. I really do hate sending out blogs n’ pings through the server. Infact I avoid it at all costs.

How Do I Install It?
Login to your wordpress account

Click on the Presentation tab

Click on the Theme Editor

Edit the Single Post(singlepost.php)

Scroll through the code till you find
<?php require(’post.php’); ?>
Right below it put this snipplet of code in
And your done!

I have plans in the future of writing a Blue Hat Technique for using this same principle to boost the power of blog networks through “interpinging.” This will in a sense utilize the blogs that get more traffic to boost the blogs that get less traffic, which in return boost the rest of the blogs. Causing an upward spiral in a closed blog network. If anyone has a unique idea for this and would like to get featured on Blue Hat SEO.com by actually writing the Blue Hat Technique you are welcome to. I’ll be happy to post it up.
If you’d like to see one of the strange effects of this trick click here.