Attention Spam Recipient!

**Limited Time Offer**

For only $29.95 you can be listed in Google within 48 hours and have top 10 placement in Google for any keyword you choose GUARANTEED!

Really?! COOL! I’ll take “Real Estate”, “Computers”, and hell “Internet” to.

I know none of you are amateurs. So as much as I was hoping to bust some pace-makers I won’t bother explaining why this is a scam.

The funny thing is; I get about four or five of these type of emails a day and every time I delete them I catch myself having a quick half second wandering thought. Perhaps, they do know something I don’t. NAH! Then I proceed to hit delete. Admit it, no matter how good you are you catch yourself doing the same thing. I refuse to believe I’m the only insane person in the world.

There is however some truth to the wonderful offer between all the guarantees.

you can be listed in Google within 48 hours

Now to get some things straight. I have no idea what these scammers are talking about. I never bothered to ask them how they plan on getting your site into the Google index within 48 hours. There are really three possibilities:

1) They are straight up lying

2) They are using some crazy blackhat technique

3) They know what I am about to share with you

So to stomp out any myths. Yes, you can get indexed in Google within 48 hours. No, it is not a blackhat technique. It’s really not even that sneaky of a practice. In fact, Google probably likes it because it makes their system better.

Now that I beat around the bush for too long. Here is how you get listed in Google in 48 hours.

1) Get some Google Adsense code.

2) Put the code on the page you want indexed

3) Go to the page in your browser and hit refresh every couple seconds or so until the Community Service ads go away and real advertisers start to appear. This usually takes around 40 or so refreshes, but it really depends.

What happened? Google Adsense does not get paid for the community ads. So they make no money until they can determine exactly what your site is about so they can display relevant ads. So when Google sees people hitting this page with Adsense that isn’t in their index it rushes its little spiders over there to find out what the page is about and spider its content quickly before Google loses more money. For efficiency sake, it uses the information to add your site to the index. This usually happens within 48 hours. Using this technique I’ve seen an entire site go into the index within a couple hours. Some times I’ve seen it take up to 3-4 days. I’m not going to :) Guarantee :) anything, but I will say this. It works!

For those of you who don’t have an Adsense account, but are in way too much of a hurry to create one. This is probably bad advice, but I’ll say it anyways. Borrow someone else’s. You’re going to remove it soon anyways, and they probably won’t get in any trouble for it because no one is there to click on it.

Two quick side notes for you. First, someone is probably wondering if this is just as good as Google naturally finding your site through other peoples’ links. My research shows yes. Second, this technique may be against Adsense’s Terms of Service. I’m not sure if it is or isn’t, so at the very least DON’T click on your own ad. That’s click fraud. Be nice to Google and their advertisers, and hopefully some day they will be nice to you.