1,200+ high quality one way links with no strings attached.

Am I kidding? Nope.

For those of you who don’t know; software is where it’s at. If you have a piece of software and a high quality submission software such as Promosoft (the best one) or Robosoft (Tedious, but works VERY well) you can instantly gain enough links to ANY page to give you an instant Page Rank of at least 5. Trust me, this is one of my most guarded secrets, and now I’m spilling it to you. You can turn almost any website into a piece of software and submit it to thousands of software sites that will not only post a full description and a link, but give you a dedicated page to your software product that usually pulls an average of PR3, which when combined with the hundreds of other one way links will almost guarantee you a Page Rank of 5.
This raises an instant question. How do I get a piece of software to promote on my site? Turn your entire site, or content portions of your site into an executable with an installer. You can do this easily by searching on your favorite search engine for “HTML to EXE converters. ”

This will give you several advantages:

1) In my experience it will give you at least 1,200+ one way, high quality links.

2) Depending on your market, these sites can send you hundreds of their own visitors a day to your site!

3) A large portion of those visitors will actually download your software. Which allows you to place a permanent bookmark to your site on their browser(don’t put Adware. Just a bookmark. You don’t want to piss off your own visitors). Plus they get a always accessible link to your site and your content on their desktop/start menu.

Note: I give you this information out of confidence. DO NOT ABUSE IT OR YOU WILL LOSE IT! If everyone starts spamming software directories, we all lose. Use this only for high quality sites, and make sure the people who download your software will benefit highly from actually installing your software. Also, for god’s sake DON’T plague their computers with crap you know they don’t want. Make them happy and they will keep your software/bookmark on their computer for many years to come; generating you residual visitors for as long as your site stands.

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