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I recently was invited to try out a new free article service at For those of you who aren’t familiar with the world of article writing, there’s a lot your missing out on. More to come on that later. submits your site to various article directories and Google/Yahoo groups. They claim they “drop your article in 30,000 webmaster faces.” Which is true to a degree since they are probably counting the number of members in each Google and Topica group, but it is a little misleading. I actually counted about 42 actual sites/groups it submits to.

For those of you interested in the list

Topica Groups: Free Ezine Content
Topica Groups: Click for Content
Topica Groups: Free Reprint Articles
Topica Groups: Article Review
Topica Groups: Free Articles
Topica Groups: Best Writers
Topica Groups: Article Depot
Your Personal Writer
Marcomm Wise
Webhosts Online
Web Pro News
Promote Newz
RL Rouse
The Free Paper
Emoney Monthly
Glossary of Terms
TF Links
Star Developer
Cyber Indian
Big Thicket Directory
Megri Soft
Alternative Finance
What U Seek
Business Toolchest
Link Snoop
Website Promotion Ranking Ser
Articles 4 Content
The Ezine
How To Advice
Blog Widow
Article Point
Free Ezine Site
Free Ezine Articles
Article Depot
BPubs Main Site URL

For those of you who think this is going to be a negative review of their service you are going to be disappointed. For how new their service is I actually found it VERY good and best of all it’s FREE. The sign up and Authors Panel is very easy to use and best of all quick(for those of you who are familiar with article submission software you will definitely appreciate this). It doesn’t make you repeat information. It fills in the blanks with everything it already knows. The process of getting your first article submitted is very quick and easy, and each one after takes less than a minute if you already have the article written.

The submission time for each article from the time I hit the button took about 4-5 days. Which is good since your girlfriend is probably starting to miss you since my last article. I assume this is dependant upon the current load on the server. This is too bad because I predict this service will become too popular too quick. I have a feeling the owners are going to have a complete panic attack the day a major site decides to spill the beans about their site to their thousands of visitors. From what I understand offers quicker submissions if you make a donation to their site. This seems very reasonable and to me personally well worth it since we’d all hate to lose a great service like this to under funding, but like with everything else, try before you buy.

From my quick lazy scan of the forums I heard talk of them adding the many hundreds of sites that use ArticleDashboard software. This gets me excited because this is the first step in making article submiting truely worth the hassle since this is what will gain you the most static in-content-links. I predict the moment they add those article sites they will quickly become the unstoppable standard in article submission services. Then we can look forward to weeding through the hundreds of cheap rip offs that will follow.