Although it’s rarely talked about it’s no secret that link spammers are increasingly pushing the limits on third site scraper pages in hopes of pushing those of us with legitimate sites down. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the practice; black hat seo companies are buying hundreds of domain names, putting them on separate servers and putting up scripts that read related keywords to a topic and write pages for those keywords that contain links to their sites. These companies are spamming thousands of pages hoping to gain thousands of links. In order to keep those pages from being detected as spam their scripts search Google for each individual word and link to the sites on the top 10 as well.

I personally believe the top search engines are well aware of this practice and are working hard to impliment algorythms to deaden their affects on a site’s rank. For instance, in the latest update Google has appeared to lessen the affects of multiple links to one site on the same domain. This, for the moment, seems to be the best way to control this aspect of spamming. They can’t after all punish any site for an inbound link, because that would open a whole can of worms with sabatoge.

I would like to offer those of you with legitimate sites and linking popularity practices the way to not only beat these spammers, but get thousands of them working for you by showing you my system for beating them and keeping me in the top 10 and them in the bottom 100. The trick these spammers use is quantity, they buy hundreds of domain names and hosting accounts on hundreds of servers. This costs them a lot of money, but in the end it’s worth it to them because they gain thousands of one way links.

So how do you beat someone with all this money to spend on spam promotion? Get them to spend that money promoting you. If you can get them to promote you as well as themselves then by all theory you come out equal with them. You get thousands of other spammers to do the same thing, they end up all equal, and you end up above all of them.

First lets look at an example
as you can see this domain is setup for the phrase “Toshiba Tvs.” Which is then broken down to hundreds of small related phrases like “wide screen tv.” This particular page on the bottom left links to the top 6 sites that rank for that phrase in google. Mine is one of them. I do not own this spam site, they just link to me to look legitimate, so the link to their site will look legitimate as well.

Here’s how you do it
Use their own tools. These scripts use overture keyword tool and google keyword suggestions to find thousands of small competition words for their spam sites to be based on. Look for your main keywords and let the tools break down to much smaller low competition phrases. If you have a legitimate site you can easily rank for many of these phrases simply by putting them somewhere in your site. The first thing I did was make a HUGE list of these phrases, all of which have very low competition. I painstakingly went through the whole list and took out all the ones that in no way pertain to my site. I then took all the remaining ones and scanned my site for those phrases. Anytime one of those phrases would not show up in one of my pages I found an appropriate spot for it that fits my content and I put it in. Boom! your now top 10. This won’t bring you much traffic, it helps, but not a whole lot of good will come from ranking for these thousands of keywords. Except for the fact of course that anytime some spammers script pulls those same keywords from a search using a bigger more competative phrase, you now get a link on their spam page. They spend the money for the domain, they spend the money for the servers and the hosting. They even put in the time to promote inbound links to their spam pages. Your the one that benefits equally from it. The great thing is, once you do this, you’ll instantly start seeing a couple spammers with their hundreds of spam sites linking to you, then more and more and more. This pushes the page their linking to into the top position they they get stuck competiting amongst themselves at the bottom 100. They get a couple thousand links, you get tens of thousands of links. The more spammers that come out of the wood work in hopes of conqueoring your keyword, the more you win.

I have recently starting putting this practice into many of my sites and most of them have skyrocketed above their black hat competitors in the serps for all keywords and high competition keywords. Remember, black hat seo companies will always be coming up with ways to beat the search engines. They may benefit for the short run but they always lose in the end. I stick by one rule of thumb that has always created success for me, “Don’t try to beat the search engines, you will always lose. Focus on beating the people beating the search engines because they will always lose.”