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Random Thoughts14 Nov 2006 05:53 am

Heya everyone,
I was going to leave this in a comment but i decided it would be best put as a post. I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone for all the help and support you gave me with the Quick Indexing Tool. Much to my surprise my first public SEO tool release went off without a hitch. I was honestly expecting the worse. Instead i got a huge very positive response (sorry I’m still trying to work my way through the emails). A lot of people gave me very useful feedback on it and likewise many are donating back. It was inevitable that an asshole or two would come out of the wood works and abuse the tool, but to my shock not a single one has. Everyone has used it very responsibly and its been working out great to everyones benefit. I also would like to thank everyone who sent me before and after screenshots of their spider stats. It was very helpful.
From the release I’ve chosen a 100 random sites to monitor closely and I have also been watching the emails from peoples personal experiences with the tool. Here is the general results I’ve managed to scrap together from a large majority of the data.

27% of sites were already in the index. This is fine. Even if they are already in the index go ahead and submit them anyways. It’ll help the rest of your site get indexed.

31% Made it into the index within 27 hours of running the tool. YAY!

22% Made it into Yahoo and MSN within 27 hours but didn’t make it into Google until 48 hours. Damn Google why you gotta mess with me like that :)

5% Didn’t make it into all three until 48 hours.

2% Didn’t make it into all three until 72 hours.

13% Never made it in to to all three. My optomistic thinking hopes that a large percentage the sites in this category were either already banned urls, or contain logistical problems. If your site falls into this category after 4 days email me or leave a comment and I’ll see what i can do to figure out why.

All in all the tool was, what I consider, a huge success. Both in the donations and the lack of abusers. I would also like to thank all the people that linked to the tool and/or shared it with others. For those of you who donated I can’t thank you enough. Whether you donated a $100 or one penny(yes i got one of those) it really shows that you care and just knowing that people actually care enough to do something about it makes this whole Blue Hat project definitely worth it.

Random Thoughts07 Nov 2006 06:40 am

I got a present for ya’ll coming very soon! I’m so excited. Are you excited?

Will it be a bike? Will it be a new puppy? Only time will tell…

Random Thoughts31 Oct 2006 05:32 am

Have you ever just gotten completely burned out? Your brain no longer functions. You can’t seem to accomplish the easiest of tasks without a ton of problems thrown in your face. Ever just completely hit a road block? Yet you find yourself with no option but to just trudge through it for another two or three months and hope you’ll find some time to just take a break or a short vacation. What happens when those two or three months pass right by you and you swear you’ll find your break in August or something? Then suddenly it’s November and you’re realizing you haven’t had even a hint of a vacation or any time off in over 3 years. You’ve been post poning and swearing to your haggard brain that it will eventually get a rest and now your wondering if it will ever actually happen.
You see all your friends, with their “real” jobs and their steady biweekly paper checks, lapping you year after year with their vacations; always complaining about how they go by too fast. You just can’t help but think to yourself…..fuck the week my years goes by too fast. I couldn’t imagine how fast a week vacation would go by for me. At this point there would be no advantage to me taking a vacation. I’d blink and end up missing it. Even if I managed to keep my eyes open, I’d still probably end up spending the week worrying about whats going on at the office. Is this is the cell I put myself into by choosing the wonderful world of self employment? American fuckin dream right? At this point I’d be willing to settle for a week working at home alone in my room.
I’d probably get a lot done during that week…

Thanks for putting up with my venting…

Random Thoughts16 Oct 2006 08:38 pm

Alrighty folks. I’m going to be updating my much outdated blog roll here pretty soon. I don’t want to just put a bunch of links to my friends of forums i frequent. I’d rather link directly to blogs that belong to readers of Blue Hat SEO. So if you got a SEO related blog post it up quickly and I’ll include it. Please no other types of sites, although a forum or two might be okay as well.

Random Thoughts07 Oct 2006 06:07 pm

So I deleted my post about coders. I was trying to be helpful to the people hiring, but instead i was hurtful to some hard working programmers. It was full of generalizations based upon my own experiences and not upon the experiences of a large enough group. Upon retrospect I could of made the article more useful by putting aside my own biases on the subject. This is however a blog. I am in full right to publish my own biases and opinions but that is not the direction I want to take this site. This is not a hate site. This is not an opinion site. So I retract.
I appologize.

Random Thoughts02 Oct 2006 12:01 am

In breaking news today Myspace announced to the Associated Press that it will be replacing much of its current staff with much cheaper child labor. Myspace announced that it is hiring as many 8-14 year olds as it can get. The kids’ job descriptions will include writing content for the site.

Other jobs will include programming and technical support.

Random Thoughts14 Sep 2006 02:55 am

How come no one has written a good tutorial on how to properly spam wikipedia? Am I going to have to write it? This should be one of those open topics that you get sick of hearing about.

I’ll see what I can do and get back to you all.

Random Thoughts03 Aug 2006 03:03 am

So Matt Cutts has made the leap into the video blogging world recently. I personally think this is a huge step in the right direction. Basically he is taking the time to create short 8 minute videos to answer questions from the people in the SEO world. The best part about it is he is actually answering REAL QUESTIONS.

Questions like:
Does Google Analytics play a part in the SERPS?
What are some SEO myths?

These are some really good questions that he is answering. This naturally shocks me quite a bit. Everytime I’ve seen Matt in an interview the interviewers are always kissing his ass and spend the entire time asking retarded questions like How does Google feel about spam? Well Jimmy, Google doesn’t like spam very much. Then of course after the interview all the listeners start kissing the asses of the interviewers. Oh my god that was such a profound interview. I learned so much. Instead of saying what everyone is thinking. Are you fuckin kidding me?! You had a Google engineer sitting there with an open mic and you didn’t ask a single real question!

All I can say is way to go Matt. Way to step up to the plate and swing. He didn’t have to do this. He could of just have picked all the lame questions, but he chose to do it anyways. You really got to respect him for that.

Random Thoughts28 Jul 2006 04:29 am

I heard this on a WebProWorld post the other day. Kinda made me laugh. I don’t personally know klingon, but if Worf was disrespectin’ my momma I’d learn quick as hell.

Check Out Google Klingon

Only one Star Trek Joke? Com’n Eli. You’re slippin’.

Random Thoughts27 Jul 2006 06:11 pm

LOL, this is kind of funny/perplexing so I thought I’d share it. You know how church signs are getting wittier and wittier? At least around my town they seem to be in a heated battle over who can have their sign say the darndest thing.

However I’m not sure but I think the church across the street may be making fun of me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked to be an inspiration to christians and potential christians alike, but I’m starting to think the bald guy that changes the sign might of been drawing blanks one early morning. Looked across the street and said hey, “they get foot traffic.”

I don’t go to that particular church, but i’m starting to think I should simply because they are obviously so damn kookie.

Here’s the sign

Here’s my office right across the road

ps. I don’t know why shrinking the image made the roof look like it was made from a giant piece of walnut hardwood. You’ll just have to trust me that it’s shingles and it looks normal.

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